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Board Committees

The Board of Directors of Great Panther Silver Limited has the following standing committees, of which each current member is an independent director of the Company:

Audit Committee: Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee :
Chairman Jeffrey Mason  Chairman Jim Mullin
Member John Jennings Member R. W. (Bob) Garnett
Member R. W. (Bob) Garnett Member
Kenneth W. Major
Human Resources and Compensation Committee: Safety, Health and Environment Committee:
Chairman John Jennings Chairman Kenneth W. Major
Member R. W. (Bob) Garnett Member Jeffrey Mason
Member Jim Mullin
Member Jim Mullin
2.23 +0.05 +2.29% Volume: 103,481 March 27, 2017
1.69 +0.05 +3.05% Volume: 870,141 March 27, 2017
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