Sustainability is a strategic imperative for Great Panther. Our stakeholders also care deeply about it. And it’s more important than ever in a rapidly changing world.

Our Sustainability Agenda and Commitments

Operating in a sustainable manner is embedded in our mission: to safely, sustainably and profitably produce gold and silver, for the benefit of our investors, employees, and communities. Our Sustainability Policy articulates our specific commitments in three key areas, which we believe provide the foundation for a sustainable mining business: safety and health, environmental responsibility, and community engagement and development. We have worked hard to develop and implement programs, initiatives, and results in each of these areas.

Diagram outlining Core Sustainability Focus Areas

Delivering on these commitments helps us earn and maintain our social acceptance (also known as a social license to operate), which in turn supports the creation of sustained value for all of our stakeholders. Everyone working for or representing Great Panther is responsible for supporting and contributing to our sustainability agenda. This includes every independent director and employee of Great Panther and all its subsidiaries, as well as contractors and any third-party conducting activities for the company or on its behalf.

2019 Sustainability Snapshot

Message from our CEO

It is a true privilege, in my new role as Great Panther’s President and CEO, to invite you to review our company’s 2019 Sustainability Report. The idea of “mining for good” is engrained in my background, and it nicely complements Great Panther’s commitment to being a sustainable organization.

Having grown up on a farm in Zimbabwe, Africa where mines and farms operated side by side, I saw first-hand the model of being a good neighbour. Natural resources were responsibly being developed by both parties, providing employment and economic benefits to the community. Farmers built infrastructure such as water dams and roads and miners built community facilities, such as sports buildings and clinics, which they encouraged the farmers to use. Even though both parties competed for land and water, they engaged in collective activities and helped each other.

This experience of farmers and miners co-existing left me with a lasting impression that I believe symbolizes today’s much-discussed concept of sustainability. With the knowledge that we must be responsible custodians of this Earth for future generations, it comes down to being good neighbours who realize we must respect each other and support common goals for mutual well-being.

This picture of corporate citizenship translates directly to mining, where we are guests in locations where people have lived long before miners began extracting resources. And as a good neighbour, we must respect that local resources like water, trees and biodiversity are precious commodities that must be prioritized in balance with other local benefits like economic impact and employment.

With this mindset, I am very proud to join Great Panther, an organization that has, for many years, steadily and quietly honoured the principles of sustainability. Our people understand that this business touches many stakeholders, and we must come together to solve problems, reach positive, shared outcomes, and look outward to the future significance of our actions. This focus on local impacts, and respect for customs and cultures, is possible through our emphasis on day-to-day mine management by local teams who work closely with the rest of the Great Panther family and local stakeholders.

I do not take our outstanding challenges lightly. For example, in the area of health and safety, it’s important to acknowledge that we need to improve. There are changes we need to make, and we will make to strengthen our safety culture and practices. Maintaining the health of our communities, employees, and contractors is vital, and the threat of COVID-19 requires our continued vigilance and effort to reduce the risks faced by our stakeholders.

Although there are certain areas where we must do better, I am confident we are well-positioned to do so, thanks to the impressive contribution of our co-founder, Bob Archer, who recently stepped down from his leadership role. Through Bob’s example, and the dedication of our entire team, Great Panther can continue to earn our place as a good neighbour, trusted by our communities, and known as a sustainable business leader in a small, shared planet.

Rob Henderson

President, CEO and Director