We insist on honest and ethical conduct for everyone at Great Panther and demand a high level of integrity in all our dealings with each other and with our stakeholders.

We believe a successful and sustainable business culture is built around strong ethics and transparency.

Our shareholders, employees, contractors and suppliers, local communities and regulators also ranked these topics as material in the context of all of Great Panther’s operations.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of business affairs and making strategic decisions on topics that are material to the Company, including social, environmental and economic issues that matter to our diverse stakeholders. Guided by the Board Mandate, our Board is committed to making decisions grounded in the principles of accountability, ethics and transparency.

Strong Governance and Disclosure

We believe good governance not only generates stakeholder trust; it also inspires the right types of behaviour across our organization. From the ways we communicate with stakeholders to how we manage and oversee our Company, Great Panther places great emphasis on effective governance and aligning with evolving best practices in this area.