We insist on honest and ethical conduct for everyone at Great Panther and demand a high level of integrity in all our dealings with each other and with our stakeholders.

Our Approach

Delivering on our commitments to ethics and transparency helps us earn and maintain social acceptance from our host communities. It’s also the way forward from a strategic business perspective. Partnering successfully with others and operating sensitively advances our long-term sustainability. This topic is considered most material by our shareholders, employees, contractors and suppliers, local communities, and regulators in the context of all Great Panther’s operations.

Strong Governance and Disclosure

We believe good governance not only generates stakeholder trust; it also inspires the right types of behaviour across our organization. The Board of Directors and the management of Great Panther are dedicated to strong corporate governance and have put in place a number of policies and practices to achieve this goal.

Regulatory changes and societal expectations in recent years have resulted in heightened scrutiny of the corporate governance practices of all publicly listed and widely owned private entities. This focus reinforces the importance of adopting and adhering to sound corporate governance practices, including those related to communicating in a transparent manner. Our Disclosure Policy describes our commitment to providing full, timely and accurate disclosure so that Great Panther shareholders and the public receive all material information.