Since the success of our company rests upon the well-being of our employees and contractors at all times, safety is the center of our core values.

Our Approach

Health and safety is an issue that affects workers around the globe.  Health and safety risks are inherent to all mining operations, and the mining industry has developed best practices at international and national levels.  We believe that all injuries and occupational diseases can be prevented and recognize that everyone is entitled to work in a safe and healthy workplace.  Potential safety hazards at mines include working near heavy equipment and working near rock faces either on surface or underground. Health and safety also includes the prevention of occupational diseases or injury resulting from exposure to harmful elements such as noise and dust.  That is why safety is our priority, before we act, in every job, every day. We prevent harm by looking out for one another, our communities, and the environment because life matters most.  With our commitment to ensuring that our employees and contractors can perform their work safely, our vision is that every person goes home safely every day.  This topic is considered one of the most material by our employees, contractors, and regulators in the context of all Great Panther sites.

Safety Management and Training

All sites are responsible for producing a Safety Management Plan. This plan establishes clear accountability for safety and health performance, details the controls and practices for minimizing hazards, and ensures effective audits of safety systems. There is also a requirement for regular reviews and updates of these plans, informed by employee feedback.

Since we believe that the responsibility to work safely lies with each one of us, we focus on providing the necessary skills, equipment, and incentives so that our people always work in a safe and responsible manner. We invest significantly in onsite training at our mines, to comply with national safety regulations and in response to employee consultations, which help us identify specific issues that require further attention. Training focuses on creating an over-arching ‘safety culture,’ including through our SafeStart program in Mexico and Abordagems system (safety approach) in Brazil, which targets the values, attitudes and behaviour of employees, contractors and their family members.