Our Approach

Operating in a sustainable manner is an integral part of Great Panther’s business strategy. We are committed to creating value for our shareholders by operating in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner while contributing to the prosperity of our employees and the sustainable development of our host communities.

Our approach to sustainable development is planned to ensure that our programs are designed as catalysts for positive and lasting contributions; that they are viable for the long term, and that we can fulfill our commitments in both economically prosperous and challenging times.

We are committed to operating sensitively, and partnering with host communities and local governments, to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. We actively seek partnerships with our neighbours, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, contractors and suppliers as we believe that our combined efforts will result in meaningful benefits and greater impact for our stakeholders. We act ethically and with integrity, and take responsibility for the impacts of our decisions and actions on our host communities and the environment.

Delivering on these commitments helps us to earn and maintain our social license to operate, which in turn supports the creation of sustained value for all of our shareholders and stakeholders, including our employees, and the communities and countries where we operate.

Our ultimate goal is to conduct our business activities responsibly and be welcomed and respected in the communities where we operate.