Our business touches many stakeholders, in many countries and we must come together to solve sustainability challenges, reach positive, shared outcomes and look outward to the future significance of our actions. That is why we have made sustainability an essential part of our mission statement: to safely, sustainably and profitably produce gold and silver, for the benefit of our investors, employees and communities.

Our Sustainability Agenda and Commitments

Our Sustainability Policy articulates our specific commitments in three key areas, which we believe provide the foundation for a sustainable mining business: safety and health, environmental responsibility and community engagement and development. Delivering on these commitments helps us earn and maintain our social acceptance (also know as social license to operate), which in turn supports the creation of sustained value for all of our stakeholders.

Everyone working for or representing Great Panther is responsible for supporting and contributing to our sustainability agenda. This includes our Board of Directors and employees of Great Panther, as well as contractors and any third-party conducting activities for the Company or on its behalf.

Mining for Good - Sustainability Focus Areas

2020 Sustainability Snapshot

2020 Sustainability Snapshot

1. LTIFR - Lost time injury frequency rate is a ratio calculated as follows: number of lost time injuries x 200,000 hours divided by the total number of hours worked.

2. Includes superintendents, managers, directors, and vice presidents.