Our business touches many stakeholders, in many countries and we must come together to solve sustainability challenges, reach positive, shared outcomes and look outward to the future significance of our actions. That is why we have made sustainability an essential part of our mission statement: to safely, sustainably and profitably produce gold and silver, for the benefit of our investors, employees and communities.

Our Sustainability Agenda and Commitments

Our Sustainability Policy articulates our specific commitments in three key areas, which we believe provide the foundation for a sustainable mining business: safety and health, environmental responsibility and community engagement and development. Delivering on these commitments helps us earn and maintain our social acceptance (also know as social license to operate), which in turn supports the creation of sustained value for all of our stakeholders.

Everyone working for or representing Great Panther is responsible for supporting and contributing to our sustainability agenda. This includes our Board of Directors and employees of Great Panther, as well as contractors and any third-party conducting activities for the Company or on its behalf.

Mining for Good - Sustainability Focus Areas

2020 Sustainability Snapshot

2020 Sustainability Snapshot

1. LTIFR - Lost time injury frequency rate is a ratio calculated as follows: number of lost time injuries x 200,000 hours divided by the total number of hours worked.

2. Includes superintendents, managers, directors, and vice presidents.

Message from our CEO

Having taken the reins at Great Panther in April 2020, I was quickly struck by the resilience of our team as they came together to face the unfolding pandemic threat. Our workforce remained committed to getting the job done, adapting to new operating restrictions and embracing health measures. And, as part of our #StrongerTogether campaign, we raised awareness and supported community well-being at a time of widespread uncertainty. The year 2020 reaffirmed how a united effort against an unimaginable challenge helps everyone move forward.

While I am very proud of everyone’s collaborative efforts – which resulted in both strong corporate citizenship and positive operating earnings – it is important to emphasize that they are consistent with our day-to-day philosophy that we are, in fact, stronger together. Throughout the pages of our 2020 Sustainability Report, you will see detail on our steady progress in advancing sustainability programs, from plans to effectively manage our environmental footprint, to programs to strengthen our workforce, to ongoing governance efforts to ensure we operate at the highest standards.

I use the word ‘progress’ since there remains much to deliver upon our sustainability mandate. That is certainly true in the area of worker safety since, despite our best efforts, we suffered a fatality in 2020 at our Guanajuato Mine Complex. We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident and extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of our co-worker for this loss. Safety remains a top priority at Great Panther, and we continue to push harder to ensure a safe, secure workplace for all.

For example, we recently relaunched an awareness program to recognize our site safety champions who have helped build a vigilant safety culture. With more than 800 nominations received in the first year of the redesigned program, and ceremonies held to celebrate the winners at each of our four sites, this was an impressive level of team engagement in improvement measures that will benefit everyone.

As we navigate a new year, we may feel a mix of optimism and uncertainty. Strong gold and silver prices help us to grow the business, but the pandemic remains a serious concern in each jurisdiction where we operate. While we ramp up our exploration activities with a spirit of optimism, we continue to underline our commitment to responsible mining and sustainable development. It is essential to remember that we must continually earn the social acceptance of our community partners and local stakeholders.

Delivering this responsible growth is not an easy balance, but the past year highlights how we can do so. With everyone’s commitment and inclusion, Great Panther will continue to work on Mining for Good and earn our place as a sustainable business leader in a small, shared planet.

"With the knowledge that we must be responsible custodians of the Earth for this and future generations, Mining for Good comes down to being good neighbours who realize we must respect each other and support common goals for mutual well-being. As a good neighbour, we recognize that local priorities like employment and economic impact must be balanced with other precious commodities such as water, trees and biodiversity."

Rob Henderson

President and Chief Executive Officer