Social Performance

For us, meaningful community engagement is a continuous process of contacting, dialoguing and systematically interacting with local stakeholders. This is how we make sure they have the information and opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their future, and we mitigate social risk and optimize opportunities.

Our Approach

Social acceptance — the willingness of stakeholders to accept our business activities — is never guaranteed and evolves over time. It is also an essential component of sustainable development. We are committed to sharing the value created by Great Panther’s activities so that it contributes to the social and economic growth of our host communities. 

Social Investment

"While our community engagement approach stayed the same in 2020, we increased the emphasis on supporting public health and safety, in response to the global pandemic."

We invest in developing and supporting our communities, so they can be the best places to live and work. This benefits our people, their families and friends, our suppliers and local citizens. As outlined in our Social Investment Policy, we prioritize projects that help improve quality of life. We determine these initiatives through active and frequent two-way stakeholder engagement to identify local priorities, including meetings with community members, community assemblies and surveys.

Informed by community input, our investments generally focus on three main areas:

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Local Hiring and Procurement

We believe in hiring and procuring goods and services from local communities. It’s not just good for our business but also has a ripple effect among our host communities, and that’s good for everyone.

Our Approach

Creating good jobs and supporting local businesses is critical to our commitment to the regions where we operate. We strive to provide fair compensation, professional growth and working conditions that retain and motivate people from the communities and regions in which we operate. By sourcing workers from within our host communities, we can maximize the benefits that flow into, and stay within, those communities. Building relationships with local suppliers is a strategic business tool that not only mitigates risks to our operations but provides benefits to the local community and contributes to sustainable community development.

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Training and Development

Developing skills and knowledge creates opportunities for everybody. Our employees and contractors enhance their abilities, while Great Panther becomes a stronger company.

Our Approach

Our employees and contractors consider this topic one of the most material. Through effective training and development, they gain new abilities and can advance in their jobs. The United Nations recognizes the importance of training and development as part of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They call for a focus on providing people with the skills and assets to take full advantage of any new employment potential.1 This impacts immediate livelihood but also long-term prospects for their communities.


Investing in our people

Great Panther delivers online and in-person training and development customized to the individual’s role. Our training programs include management and leadership training, in-class safety and equipment activities, and on-the-job, technical skills-building. While we adjust training to suit individuals and priorities, year after year, our training is heavily focused on safety skills, to ensure a safe workplace and personal development, to help employees and contractors build potential for themselves and their communities. We also deliver environmental, rescue brigade and technical training. Each mining site has an annual training plan to set out priorities, goals and budgets for the year.

An increasing number of employees at our mine sites receive an annual performance review. It is based on their performance and tied to their department and Company objectives. As part of our short-term incentive plan for most employees, the performance review measures personal objectives, teamwork, self-initiative, skills development, work quality and communication effectiveness. Contractors are evaluated for their ability to carry out their work effectively and safely rather than on individual performance reviews.

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Diversity And Equal Opportunity

By taking actions to welcome, include and support a diverse workforce, we will possess the perspectives, experiences and expertise to deliver the best results for our stakeholders.

Our Approach

While a team functions in close coordination, united around a common challenge, their success depends on the different traits that each individual contributes to the effort. To activate that mix of diverse skills, strengths and experience among our workforce, we must recruit, value and include team members of different gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, and other characteristics that enable them to bring new perspectives, knowledge and ideas to our work.

A Multi-faceted Effort

Great Panther believes in providing equal opportunities for all those who work at the Company, and we apply these workplace principles to instill a culture of fair, unbiased and equal treatment of all employees:

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